Studio 3 Fitness is a health and wellness boutique that’s here to help you define and achieve your healthiest you! After all, “healthy” looks different on everyBODY.
At S3F>, you can shape your health journey in a safe, supportive and challenging environment, filled with the best people you will meet in Spring Hill.



Studio 3 Fitness specializes in the BarreAmped Method, which is an intensive full-body shaping workout unlike anything you’ve experienced before in group fitness classes. After just 5 classes you will begin to see and feel the changes from this ultra results-oriented class that takes cues from Pilates, yoga and orthopedic stretching. If you want to sculpt long, lean muscles, lift your seat, flatten your abs and rev up your metabolism all while increasing your overall strength and flexibility—then step up to the barre and try this class today. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!


Buti Yoga is a movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out.We sculpt muscles while the body is in an optimal fat burning zone, using power yoga flow as an active recovery and muscle lengthening tool. BUTI teaches you to activate core muscles in both the Outer Unit, the large muscles responsible for moving the body, and the Inner Unit, the smaller muscles that stabilize the body.Most workout methodologies overtrain the Outer Unit while ignoring the Inner Unit muscles – we do not.We have a multi-dimensional approach to restructuring the abdominal wall using the Vertical Quadrant, Horizontal Quadrant and Spiral Structure.

When we approach toning the core using a spiral instead of linearly, we see the interplay between the muscles of the back and the muscles of the abdomen. So often, traditional exercise methodologies ignore the muscles of the back and focus on overdeveloping the muscles of the abdomen. To prevent injury and build lasting core strength that will change overall athletic performance forever. COMING TO THE SCHEDULE AUGUST 9.

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Learn how to eat, what to eat and why to eat it from a certified holistic health coach. No diets, no obsessing over calories and no food that is totally off limits. When you feed your body the food it needs, everything else will fall into place. You’ll have more energy, a stronger immune system, enhanced mood, glowing skin and balanced hormones all while losing weight safe and sustainably. Request an appointment via email



At Studio 3 Fitness, our workshops are designed to help you reach and maintain your health goals alongside experts and a supportive community. Educational workshops include everything from form tutorials, essential oils and natural beauty products to detoxing, sugar cravings and pantry makeovers. We even host the occasional date night at the barre—childcare included!



Ugi® ("U got it") combines strength, cardio and core training in a dynamic and personalized way to improve health, fitness and performance. This versatile and efficient 30-minute workout can be incorporated into your BarreAmped routine to help you reach your goals faster. Using various exercise methodologies such as functional, power, interval and barefoot training, UGI is a system that can be tailored to any fitness level. 




Maintain Don't Gain Over the Holidays This Year

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a personal nutrition coach to tell you what to eat, why to eat it and how to prepare it to look and feel YOUR best? Now you can. Join the last Nutrition Matchmaker program of 2014 and kick-off the New Year as your healthiest self!